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As a child I used to while away the hours in my bedroom arranging and rearranging my ornaments and furniture. Today, I love nothing more than potting around the house doing same. I believe that one’s home is a sanctuary, and as such, a beautiful, inspirational space is imperative to a content and inspired mind. I am fanatical about décor and soft furnishings (yes, the devil is truly in the detail!) and I offer a consulting service for cosmetic home improvements that makes the best use of your space and light, working within your budget and to your personal style. 

I will merrily scour and source bespoke soft furnishings and fittings, advise on wall colour and fabrics, assist with decluttering, arrange florals and implement your home improvement projects together with a team of local craftsmen who assist me with specialist services as and where needed. I will even assist in restoring old furniture, as I believe a space needs to hold history and hence, tell a story.

My partner company, SPM Architectural Services, is available to step in to assist with plans, council related submissions or larger scale renovations where needed.



/ Interior décor related home improvements

/ Décor consulting

/ Event décor

/ Styling

/ Sourcing

/ Furniture restoration

/ Flower arranging

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