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Have you considered the importance of your wedding stationary?

We would go so far as to say that your stationary package becomes as important as a brand identity would be to a successful business. It sets the tone and the level of expectation of what is to come. It provides insight into you as a couple - a signature statement if you will that holds a similar level of gravity to that of a carefully planned teaser for an ad campaign. It is an immensely personal reflection of you and your partner and hence, needs to carry the correct weight of importance in the planning process. 

Your wedding invitation or save-the-date (if you opt for this) offers your guests their first window into your wedding dream, the expectations of which are built upon through each mode of communication to follow. From the save-the-date and invitation to the menu selection cards, location directions, orders of service, seating plans, place names, table numbers and menus, your wedding stationary is a detailed package requiring a careful, considerate and consistent treatment from start to finish. 

Far more than a design project, the handling of your wedding stationary needs to be in the hands of a skilled team who can manage the full spectrum of requirements that exceed simply strong design: 

/ The correct choice of words is paramount to ensuring etiquette and to set the tone of formality

/ The look and feel of the design and layout should speak directly to the decor and design concept of your overall wedding

/ The design and layout should factor in the printing process and post-production, which often involves handiwork that can be time consuming 

/ The circulation of the wedding invitations should be considered prior to deciding on design unless you opt for digital solutions

/ Budget should be considered prior to design proposals being worked on

/ Allowance for careful proof-reading is essential (we strongly suggest using more than one pair of eyes and including someone who is not part of the design process)

/ The creation of a personal monogram is often a wonderful way to pull a thread of consistency through the various package elements and can offer other possibilities for personalisation (i.e. confetti pockets stamped with the bridal monogram)

/ The RSVP process including noting dietary requirements, menu selections, table allocation etc. 

Heartistry offers a turn-key range of services for the creation of utterly bespoke signature stationary packages. With many years of experience in design, copywriting, proofing, print-production and finishing our expertise extend across the board and our designs are richly conceptual, contemporary, clever, eco sensitive, creative, beautiful and highly personal. 

Written by: Nancy Hoepner (Creative Director & Owner - Heartistry)

Images & work shown: Heartistry