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Every now and then a lovely SME branding project lands on our desk, just like our latest one with SANGA Coffee. We love all things “brand”, but we especially love it when our clients trust us to merge intuition with creativity and a spot of healthy market analyses, to create a brand identity that just works. 

Our brief was “I love cows” and “It must be soft”! And so we set forth...

The name Sanga (the breed of indigenous South African cattle) originally conjured up a texturally rich moodboard including dry grasses, scuffed horns and hooves, and softly worn whisky-coloured leather. We veered down this path with vehemence. But, as is often the case - the creative process full-circled, bringing us back to a monochromatic simplicity that spoke of timelessness. It landed very smartly on its feet in a space where the magic lay in the name, and the icon, and the typography...with plenty of space for the rich, toasty aromas of coffee to be conjured up. 

This brand is close to the heart of its owner, Adam, and was inspired not just by a business opportunity, but through the loss of a loved one. He decided that he wanted to launch a coffee brand that was uniquely African, but that also aligned itself with a local cancer NGO, in the hope of raising awareness for the need for sponsorship in this medical space. Sanga has launched in alignment with Project Flamingo - an organisation that is inspired to change the journey of breast cancer patients in Cape Town’s public health sector.

Keep an eye out for this growing local coffee brand, which aims to position itself in the wholesale and then retail spaces, promising a unique brand of brew with plenty of heart!

Written by: Nancy Hoepner (Creative Director & Owner - Heartistry)

Images & work shown: Heartistry for Sanga Coffee