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It’s that time of year when nobody needs an excuse to decorate in order to celebrate! Weddings aside (just for a moment), now is the time to draw people into your shops and businesses with beautifully abundant, natural, leafy wreaths and hanging installations over product displays or in widows. Toss out the scuffed plastic baubles and tacky tinsel and think fabulous foliage, cinnamon quills, cinnamon infused wooden stars dipped in copper, French country grosgrain trims, pennygum, bay and loose lace…to name but a few.

This year we are utterly in favour of a more indigenous, organic beauty, with a touch of earthy glam here and there as copper and rose gold continues to head palette trends. We’re also loving foresty emerald and silvery greens and playing with dried spices and blends of trim textures using twines, grosgrain, lace and petersham. A complete sensory feast! 

Some food for thought – by opting for a more leafy based installation or wreath as opposed to the usual fresh blooms – you are increasing the lifespan of your display as greens tend to dry well, taking on a country-Karoo personality as they crisp.  

Feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation – we would love the opportunity to inspire you with our concepts.

Happy festive decorating!

Written by: Nancy Hoepner (Creative Director & Owner - Heartistry)

Images: Moodboard by Heartistry, sourced via Pinterest