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Refresh, refurb, renovate, renew...its seems to have been a year of these kinds of projects...well, for Heartistry anyway! And, a busy one indeed.

Typically this is our favourite kind of work because we get to wave a magic wand on dark, damp, dreary, dated spaces. The end result is so satisfying and almost always well worth the blood, sweat and tears that goes into many of these kinds of projects. Our latest however, was envigorating...because while we were looking down the barrel of a space that started with all of those "d" words - we were really birthing a brand new brand identity. 

Cape Gastro opened its doors this week after an intense period of renovation, refurb and decor fit-out to create a practice that is light-filled, fresh, contemporary, homely and highly professional. It needed to step outside of the usual medical rooms box, and rather into one that spoke of wellness and welcoming. Owner and specialist physician gastroenterologist himself, Dr. Colin Rush, was clear on aiming to create a space that his patients wanted to return to and feel at home in. His approach to his practice is wholly refreshing and focuses on shedding light by educating and empowering patients and breaking down the stigmas that exist in his chosen area of expertise. 

With this in mind, we set about "letting in the light", creating rooms that spoke to his vision - and developing a brand that equalled this, with plenty of room for growth alongside the business in the years to come. 

It has been a pleasure to birth a new brand that will be instrumental in helping so many people in need down the line, and in a space that is sanctuary-like and healing in its own right. We wish Dr. Rush and his team everything of the best as they journey forward in business and practice. (available soon)