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We truly love a challenge, and this is probably close on one of our favourites of the season so far...floral decor for a private Christmas party for the lovliest of new clients at their beautifully renovated and gorgeously decorated home in Constantia. No problem...the theme: Mexican, and three days to turn it around...right! 

Frida Kahlo meets fiesta fabulousness - all inspired by a brilliantly ecclectic home space - culminating in a bold, eccentric riot of colour installation including large focal arrangements pulled together with peripheral pops of colour. 

Working with the wonderful assortment of the clients own vases and glassware we managed to source a handful of ususual blooms at quick notice - to ensure a richly layered melange of colour and texture. Featuring some of our favourites: Alium, burgundy Cockscomb, Kale, Aloes, magenta Carnations, Peonies and Gladioli, orange-red Gerbs, Godesia, bi-coloured Hydrangea, yellow Pincushions, Blush, Green Button Crysanths...and the list goes on...

Styling & Imagery: Heartistry