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When it comes to weddings, we are obsessed with colour. We never cease to be amazed by unusual combinations that just click and render us speechless. Colour is so much more than primary, secondary or tertiary, matt or is what we find in nature - in the smooth pebbles in the sand, precious metallic hues challenging sunrises and sunsets, in the deeply rich tones of jewels and wine, and the plethora of floral pastels. Ah, we could go on and on forever...but, we've put forward our current favourites as a little food for thought as we head into the summer wedding season of 2017/ 2018.

Dare to be inspired! 

} NAVY & BLUSH with accents of matt and rose gold

Deep, handsome navy with its royal appeal meets feminine, flowing blush tones in a perfectly complimentary match that is beyond striking. Layer it with flat matt golds or even the rosier kind to add a metallic texture in a concept combination that speaks of maturity, utter sophistication and stylish chic.

} WHITE WASHED NUDE & OLD GOLD with lace and indigenous succulent hues

A timeless concept that speaks of provenance and deeply layered contrasting textures anchored in rustic washed woods overlaid in curly old golds, lace that tells a story, naked cakes, and layers upon layers of off whites set against blushing succulent grey-greens. This concept speaks to the heart of those enchanted by natural organic beauty and a kind of sweet simplicity that speaks louder than words.


A riot of colour inspired by deep, rich jewel tones in plush abundance. Set against a neutral canvas of calm – this concept is all about pops and cascades of colour to inspire the inner poet and the whimsical bohemian in all of us. A concept befitting of a couple who are confident and bold in their approach to life, natural explorers who are easily spellbound by the hidden treasures found at unexpected moments in time. 


Sheer happiness meets urban chic in equal measures in this trendy colour concept that defies tradition and speaks of a dynamic duo who aren’t afraid of flaunting their flair. A photographer’s delight, the pop of yellow against handsome, grounding charcoal offers contemporary design indulgence from start to finish with the end result being a bar-raising, cosmopolitan feast for the eyes and hearts.


Ballerina meets the queen in this beautiful arrangement of subtle and dreamy tones anchored in hues of metallic coppers and roses. Completely timeless, elegant and sophisticated with the space to be whimsical yet dashing, glam yet earthy. This is a sunset candlelit soiree of colour, perfectly suited to the discerning couple who love a little class, yet are romantic dreamers at heart.

Words by: Nancy Hoepner (Creative Director of Heartistry)

Images: Collages by Heartistry sourced via various (Pinterest)